Hello there.

I founded Linda & Lilo as a way to create and connect community through the practice of beading. Linda and Lilo are the names of my birth mom, Lilo, and my adoptive mom, Linda.

At 29, I set out on a journey to reconnect with my roots. With 30 approaching quickly and two years of working to connect with my authentic self, I knew I had to do something. A birthday trip to Puerto Rico to explore a previously unexamined side of my culture seemed like the key to unlocking the door.

On my 30th birthday, while exploring the shops of Old San Juan, I smelled incense that drew me into a bead shop. I was intrigued by the assortment of beads and fixings. Selecting white faceted beads and a pendant, I glided over to the counter. Looking up with a smile, the shop “madre” asked if I’d like it made into a necklace.

Collaborating with her to make my necklace transported me back to my childhood. I recalled the times when my grandmother would knit blankets for me as gifts during the winter, and special occasions when my mom’s “good” jewelry would come out, each piece an opportunity for a special story. The gift of these handmade pieces and stories connected me to them forever.

As I left the bead shop, I felt connected to the culture of the people around me—the people of my mom. My vision emerged of a space grounded in moments that connect and honor my history. A shared history of Black women crafting worlds with their hands. A community that used the elements to heal themselves, manifest ideas, enhance their connection to ancestors, and provide protection to loved ones.

Each handcrafted Linda & Lilo piece is created to remind us of the magical moments that shape our story. For me, it’s the power of two divine women, my birth and adoptive moms. The power of crystals and gemstones serves as a tool to help us connect to healing through intention settings. Our value of spreading peace and magic serves to create a world where others can explore and share their stories and connect to the power within.