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Linda & Lilo

Cranberry Moonga “Spiritual Awareness” Necklace

Cranberry Moonga “Spiritual Awareness” Necklace

Heal your root chakra and connect to spirit with this red coral necklace, featuring the vibrant gemstone associated with Mars. Align your energies for greater achievements, embrace a more commanding presence, and find grounding in the powerful energy of the earth.

Who should wear Moonga?

  • Aries: Enhance your vigor and fortitude.
  • Sagittarius: Boost your vitality and drive.
  • Cancer: Elevate your intellect and authority.
  • Leo: Empower your social circle and confidence.
  • Scorpio: Amplify your natural attributes and strength.
  • Pisces: Attract good fortune and enhance your reputation.

Channel the power of Mars and experience the transformative benefits of red coral.


  • 18 IN size
  • Gold filled toggle clasp
  • 8 mm red coral
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