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Linda & Lilo

Black Money “ Protection” Necklace

Black Money “ Protection” Necklace

Connect to the magic of black tourmaline with this powerful necklace, designed to shield you from negativity, foster inner peace, and promote healing on all levels. This versatile gemstone offers unique benefits for:

  • Empaths: Protect yourself from absorbing negative energies and maintain emotional balance.
  • Spiritual seekers: Enhance your connection to the earth and deepen your spiritual practices.
  • People in stressful environments: Find calm and tranquility amidst the chaos of daily life.
  • Sensitive individuals: Shield yourself from environmental sensitivities and maintain well-being.
  • October babies & Taurus/Gemini Zodiacs: Embrace your birthstone and amplify its protective qualities.

Whether you seek protection from negative energies or a deeper spiritual connection, black tourmaline is a powerful ally.



  • 18 IN size
  • Sterling Silver toggle clasp
  • 8 mm black tourmaline 
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